Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Watching her

"After 25 years where i am, a life with ups and downs,this life is now at the point zero.

-my life is also at the point zero,one can starts from there.One starts of whatever is in front.

Being at the same time,at the same level,looking at the same direction with an other person ,sharing inner lifes,is something completely new for her.

Sometimes she doesn't know how to deal with this,but she can see and feel the very beauty in it.

She could say "i love you" and.. these kind of things (she has said "i love you'' several times in her life , she has never felt as she feels now) but is not enough..is different..is...she doesn't know.

Sometimes is like being in a situation where no thoughts no "i"are there.So complete ,so joyful feeling.

So thankful to life , they met each other."
Athens-Barhein-Delhi .

Is she afraid ?. she is not afraid ..to be afraid.

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