Friday, December 31, 2010

welcome 2011


There is a knowledge which is prior ,beyond the mind.Love for this knowledge is a silent force inside you.No matter how disorderly your life is,this force will set it all right.
Happy new year

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Ganges-Rishikesh- N.India

According to the Indian philosophy of Advaita,which literally means'non-two'.there is only One Source.

All there is is Consciousness.

In the Hindu scriptures it is said."Thou art(you are) the doer, Thou art the experiencer;Thou art the listener" You think that I speak and you listen,or you speak and I listen.But either of us were in deep sleep or under sedation,speaking or listening would not happen.Therefore ,it is Consciousness which does the speaking and listening through the other.

In this movie that we call life,the script is written directed and produced by Consciousness.It is Consciousness that plays all the characters in the movie,Consciousness is the screen on which the movie takes place,and Consciousness is watching the movie.

The same energy functions through six billion objects just as electricity functions through various gadgets,and brings about whatever is supposed to happen.

The Source is One. But when the Source became the manifestation and life as we know it,the very basis had to be duality.The One had to become two,and the two the many,in manifestation.