Sunday, April 4, 2010

As it should be

What i feel is, that life is as it should be. When it's time to be some other way then it will be.

let life be and flow with,is my only desire.

i feel so good when activities come out spontaneously leaving behind the thinking process.

Δευτέρα 6 Απρίλη η blogger ταξιδεύει και πάλι.......


Mina Martini said...

Yes, it is only this spontaneous action that does not come out of thought/past/mind, that "feels good", because it is completely free from any motive/effort/contradiction. One could say that any other kind of "action" is reaction, the very denial of action. -In Greek the verb anti-dro (react) reveals a lot, it means 'going against action'. -i am living in Corfu for now, understood you have some connection with this island too. if you feel like coming into contact, my address is

Warm regards, Mina

kelly alamanou said...

Hi Mina!
What a nice surprise your comment.
I am in India at the present.
Yes i live in corfu.
I'll contact you when i'll be back.
warm regards

Το λουλούδι said...

haha never expected to see one of the photos i took on a blog page.

kelly alamanou said...


You took the photo? Good! Nice one.
I was travelling with gulf air so...