Friday, January 28, 2011

The hippie movement

The hippie movement that originated on the west Coast of the United States in the
1960”s and then spread throughout the western world came out of many young people’s
rejection of the social archetypes,of roles ,of preestablished patterns of behavior as well as egoically based social and economic structures.
They refuged to play the roles their parents and society wanted to impose to them.
Significally,it coincided with the horrors of the Vietnam War,in which more that 57.000 young Americans and 3 mllion Vietnamese died and through which insanity of the system and the underlying mind-set was exposed for all to see.

Whereas in the 1950’s ,most Americans were still extremely conformist in thought and
In the 1960’s millions of people began to withdraw their identification with a collective conceptual identity because the insanity of the system the collective was so obvious.

The hippie movement represented a loosening of the hitherto rigid egoic structures in
the psyche of humanity.
The movement itself degenerated and came to an end,but it left behind an
opening,and not just in those who were part of the movement.
This made it possible for ancient Eastern wisdom and spirituality to move west and
play an essential part in the awakening of global consciousness.

a new earth -chap 4-Eckart TOLLE


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