Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Pose

Rishikesh (India)

Maharaj Nisargadatta:How do all people in the world,successful or otherwise,operate?
When you look into it,you will find that everyone has assumed a "sample",a certain image of himself.I am so and so-an image or a pose.
And it is from that pose that he is acting.
That pose has been taken by his concept about himself.
And only someone who understands this-the source of his actions-becomes free of it.

He sees the false as the false.

Visitor: I have often felt that everybody in this world is trying to present some sort of face,and all our activities are in aid of maintaining that sense of the self we have ,to protect us from having to look beyond it. We were making some funny remarks about psychiatrists yesterday. Until they begin to understand that so many people's neurotic behaviors occur when this face they are trying to present is being threatened or challenged in some way,i dont think they will ever know what they are doing.

N:Psychiatrists will have first to understand what mind is,not how mind works,but what mind itself is.Then there may be some change.

-the ultimate medicine-

Years ago blogger had experienced a serious depression when ,for several reasons, was not able any more to sustain the image she had of herself and wanted others also have of her.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Watching inwardly

i am free of the need to be this or that,as a woman ,a person,member of society.
i am free of the need to define my self through personal relationships and attachments.
But i am not free of the need to understand what i feel. To understand what probably can not be understood.
Mind always needs to know, doesn't give up so easily,doesn't like peace.
Lets keep quiet,witness and see what happen.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

As if..

i understand them or not,i have no control over my feelings,so i let them flow.
Whatever hurts me or make me feel strange is because it is supposed to hurt me and make me feel strange.
Calm witnessing is taking place.i act AS IF i have free will,knowing i dont,because this is the way daily living can go on.
Life paints its own painting.

Monday, November 8, 2010

DIL SE (from the heart)

I keep in my heart as precious jewels moments we have shared together.
Our nature is different.
Our needs are different.
Path we walk is different.
Wish and pray u have a sunny life journey.
Peace and joy.